To live in a beautiful corner of the world
Would you live in a great location, if your job was in the 300-500 km from your home, but before the work could be reached in 40-60 minutes, and the cost does not exceed 10 euros?
Travel around the world without borders
Distance of 4000 km is overcome in 8 hours with the maximum comfort and safety. Mobile and Broadband Internet is always there, and the cost of the trip would have cost less than 100 euros.
Low cost of housing
Would you like to live in environmentally clean cities, where the cost of housing area of 100 - 200 sq.m. is less than $50 000, and the heating, electricity, air conditioning and communication systems would cost ten times cheaper?
The pension you could have
Do you happen to know that Apple's market capitalization is more than $550 billion ? That means that if you, or anyone in your family had had a small stake in the company, for at least $8 38 years ago, then today the cost of your shares would have increased to the amount of $ 550 million. How would you feel, having such a capital?
Opportunities that are available just once in a hundred years
Time does not stand still, and today we are on the threshold of a new economic evolution of the World. You have a unique opportunity to become a partner and co-owner of the largest global project of XXI century. Thanks to your investment into it you could live on the interest of your stakes already in the near future.
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