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Advantages Why «MASTER-PROFI» — this is what you have been looking for
Financial literacy Get the knowledge that will help turn one dollar into one million 01
Personal Development Understand the philosophy of progressive thinking and learn how to teach yourself useful skills 02
Potential for career growth Unleash the potential that will allow you to move swiftly along the career ladder 03
Strong Team of Leaders Learn how in 7 days to get 20 new customers into your business 04
Secrets of financial well-being Feel yourself financially independent and secure a pension that will allow you to enjoy life without worries 05
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Format of the training «MASTER-PROFI»
Live communication Training is held in real time
in one of the cities in your country
Full immersion Exchange 3 days of everyday routine
to an invaluable baggage of knowledge
The theory built on experience Learning Information - Personal Experience
of trainers, but not extracts from literature
Training in your language The training speakers will present an international
investment experience in your native language.
Profile subjects Financial and investment literacy and
personal growth - are the main themes of the training
Author of the training
Author and Speaker Andrey Khovratov
CEO of the SWIG group of companies Co-investor of the SkyWay Author and creator of the training project "Private Investor Academy" Business coach for financial and investment development of the individual Master in Professional Networking Management Professional investor Master for implementation of dreams The best business coach on financial and investment development of the individual according to the magazine MELON RICH and the business magazine FINANCE TIMES in 2018
Biography Andrey Khovratov started earning at the age of 12 and already at that time was noted for his ability to anticipate profitable entrepreneurial opportunities. In 1998, Andrei Fedorovich came to the partner company and in the first year was among the top three sellers in the company. A year later he became the seventh person in Ukraine in this company and had an average check of about $ 40,000 by today's standards. From 2002 to 2009 Andrey Khovratov worked in a multilevel company, where by 2005 he became the President of the partner structure and earned more than $ 1 million! In 1998, he began his career as a business coach. from 1998 till 2009
10,000+ of personal consultations 100,000+ visitors to lectures and trainings More than 20 years of experience
We guarantee the professionalism of the speakers of the training In order for you to get the maximum benefit from the training, each speaker undergoes a serious selection and special a training, after which he receives the certificate of the "Master-Profi" trainer.
Training program
First day Day 1
Second day Day 2
Third day Day 3
Fundamentals of Investing Basic rules for the private investment Fundamentals of Capitalization and Creation of the Capital Income Financial plans and the creation of your own financial plan Levels of investors
The First Steps in Private Investing 20 Segments of the Investment Market Classification and Reliability, Liquidity and Yield in the Investment Business How to Test Objects and Investment Tools
The Basics of Creating an Investment Portfolio Risks and losses in investing Prospectivity and security of your investments The Basics of Diversification and Hedging Basics of Portfolio Balancing Fundamentals of the Investment Portfolio
Investment strategies for $ 10,000 per month Multilevel Crowdinvesting Alternative Retirement Accumulation Training game "Genius of Finance"
Basics of the International Business Company SWIG philosophy SWIG Business System
Dreams - the basis for building of a successful business Dream Formula Pyramid of the Goals The Wheel of Life Balance Management in work
Effective marketing for a million How to select candidates for your business 28 methods of finding customers for your business Business Invitation System The rendezvous system, which gives a 100% result in Recruiting The system of meetings and proposals: how from 100% of your candidates 90% will be your clients in the first year of work Analytics of your actions Meditative techniques that enhance your result
System of presentations and schools System of Presentations in the work of partners System of schools and trainings Leaders Lifting System Testing of Partnership Relationships Creation of a customer service center for the business of SWIG and the Academy of the Private Investor
Leadership in Business, Regional Business Development 8 qualities of the leader, which bring million income Development of regions is the most effective methods of development Philosophy of Leadership, which will give you a quick way to the presidency
Philosophy and psychology in work with clients Dream Formula Pyramid of the Goals The Wheel of Life Balance Management in work
The massive work of centers of the SWIG What to do to create an alert system in your area from 50% to 80% of the population How in 6-12 months to get into the client base 50% -70% of the population of your region
Involve and create Network Leaders in your structure Where to Find Multilevel Networking Leaders How to properly recruit and what you need to say, so that the candidate wants to be exactly in your structure The most common errors when working with Network Leaders Who are the big Investors for your Business and how to work with them A marketing plan that brings Million-dollar revenues, how you need to present a Marketing Plan
Initiation of SkyWay Address Projects in your region, the main highlights The legal presence of the company in the region, the activities of partners and the development of business with SWIG within the lega framework, the creation of a favorable information field and speculation in facts and the initiation of SkyWay Targeted Projects in the region
The cost of «MASTER-PROFI» training includes
Training Three days of intense training with the best speakers of the company $2 500
"Genius of Finance" The development of the theory of financial management in practice with the help of a specially developed training game "Genius of Finance" $1 500
3 500 of SkyWay pre-IPO Equity shares 3 500 of pre-IPO Equity shares of the innovative company SkyWay, which will be a good start for the formation of your investment portfolio $150
cost of training $4 150 $2 000 Discount of 52%
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results What does the training give? Training "MASTER-PROFI" offline has already passed by 2000 people around the world. Each of them found in training for himself what he lacked for a happy and successful life. Many participants after the training increased their incomes 2 or more times, created strong teams and are clear examples of successful leaders.
2,000 of students Students from more than 20 countries increase in income 2 times
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of learning along with the graduates of past flows
Future Create your bright future with us at the "MASTER-PROFI" training
2501 people have already signed up Hurry! Limited number of seats
Cities where the "MASTER-PROFI" training will take place
Хабаровск 5-7 июля
Иркутск 29 июня - 1 июля
Москва 12-14 июля

Львов 6-8 июля

Милан 15-17 июня
Милан 30 июня - 2 июля
Кротоне 22-24 июня
Катания 12-14 июля

Кокшетау 1-3 июня
Атырау 15-17 июня
Актау 21-23 июня
Алматы 5-7 июля

Бишкек 24-25 июня

Лондон 1-3 июня

Барселона 6-8 июля

Гоа 8-10 июня

Джохор 6-8 июля