Invest in a new transport technology

Increase your investments up to 1000% or more in 3-5 years


What is Sky Way?

Sky Way — is an elevated transport system, in which the movement is organized with the help of hanging rails stretched between supports. Rolling speed can reach up to 500 km / h, and the movement of the rolling stock is controlled automatically.

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Why does the world need SKYWAY?


High-speed movement, up to 500 km per hour

High Safety

The ability to reach inaccessible settlements

The cost of transport construction is dozens of times cheaper

Low fare

Why invest in the sky way?

Profitable investment of finance

You get the company shares up to 500 times cheaper, when the company enters the world market, the capitalization makes up 1000% and more

Co-ownership of the Global Corporation

Buying the pre-IPO equity shares of our company, you become a co-ownew of the major transport corporation in the world

Lifetime dividends

With each project, realized by the company, you will make a profit corresponding to your assets.

Intellectual property

SkyWay Group owns exclusive rights to the technology of string transport. According to independent experts, the cost of technology - $ 400 billion


Even small contributions of a huge number of investors is an effective step towards the overall success.

SKYWAY company was founded in 2011, to output string transportation technology to the world market by microfinancing(crowd investment ).

Crowd investment mutual benefit: SKYWAY company obtains the opportunity to bring breakthrough innovative technologies to the world market, whereas investors become co-owners of these technologies, and after their entering the world market, receive dividends at all stages of the company development.

Profiting from the projects, payment of dividends

Funding of each stage of development of SkyWay group of companies

Implementation of pre-orders according to preliminary agreements

Construction of the demonstration (test) site, as well as certification of transport

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Real examples of investment projects

Alibaba Group - a Chinese public company operating in the field of e-commerce, owner of B2B web portal Founded in 1999. Turnover - 7.5 billion (2013). Capitalization - 266 billion dollars.

In 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded Apple corporation. Two weeks after the founding of the corporation Ron Wayne doubted the success of the company and sold its 10% stake for 800. Now, these shares are worth more than 50 billion.

Recently , in 1998, David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim invested 100 000 each into Google, to put it simply, wrote a check to two boys, Sergey Brin, our former countryman, and Larry Page. Now the shares of David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim in Google is 1 billion.

Guarantee of success for SkyWay Project

Engineering and Design company

One of the most important elements for the implementation of string technologies is the Engineering and Design Enterprise of SkyWay group of companies, established in early 2014.

Just in one year the staff of designers has grown to 100 people. These talented professionals with wealth of experience and dozens of completed projects, are the brain and the heart of the company. They develop technical documentation for the realization of the Innovative SkyWay project.

Comparison of the expected return on investment for the period of 3 years




>1000% per annum

> $ profit

Invest. funds, mutual funds

50% per annum

$ profit

Bank deposit

11% per annum

$ profit

To invest in technology SkyWay


Who has contributed to the Sky Way and become an investor?

More than 200,000 investors from 62 countries
Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region
A. Filipenko
USSR Space Federation
Soviet Peace Fund
State Committee for Cinematography

General Designer of SkyWay group of companies

Anatoly Eduardovich

Анатолий Эдуардович Юницкий
Анатолий Эдуардович Юницкий
Russian scientist , inventor and entrepreneur
Author and General Designer of Yunitskiy SkyWay Technologies
Head of two United Nation Organization projects
Member of the USSR Space Science Federation
Author of more than 140 inventions
Author of 18 monographs and more than 200 scientific researchworks.
President of SkyWay group of companies

Reviews from our investors

Why do shareholders decide to invest in SkyWay technology?

Direct investments in technology
Investments in the transport sector, one of the richest in the world
Co-ownership of major world transport corporation
Dividends at all stages of development of the company and from each kilometer of the constructed roads across the world
The value of SkyWay group of companies’ pre-IPO equity shares will continue to grow
The profitability from small investments can be increased in hundreds, thousands of times
Raising funds is on the basis of the people’s corporatization (crowd investment), the profit from the company will be received not by one person, but by all of us, the shareholders
The plants and testing sites for the development of SkyWay transport will be built in countries with high levels of state protection

To invest in technology SkyWay


Mass Media About SkyWay Technology

Awards and Certificates

Two United Nations grants for the development
Three Gold quality marks "Russian Mark"
Two international awards "Golden Chariot" in the nomination " Project of the Year in Transport" ( Ministry of Transport and the State Duma of Russian Federation)
Two gold medals of All-Russian Exhibition Centre
More than 30 diplomas at international exhibitions
Conclusion of Russian Federation Academy of Science

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