Opinion poll

In order to change the current situation on the roads, we need to collect statistics. Please answer a few questions.

Do you come across the problems like traffic jams, uncomfortable traffic, huge time spent on the road and car accidents?
What are the most annoying transport problems for you? What would you like to change in current transport system?
Do you think we, ordinary people, can change transport situation?
Try to remember, what distance at what price and time do you cover, when you come across heavy traffic or other inconveniences?

Our company is implementing innovative transport system. Would you like to spend two times less money and three times less precious time on the same route absolutely safe and comfortabely?
Would you like this technology be implemented in your city?
Would you like to become a co-owner of this system and get profit every time somebody uses it?
Would you like to support our transport system?

It does not oblige you to anything, you can just learn all information about transport system, which will change the world.

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